The University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA) and New Leaders have partnered to create a set of resources and tools designed to help states improve principal preparation by reforming their current approach to evaluating educational administration programs.  Members of the development team included:

     Michelle Young & Pamela Tucker


Michelle Young & Pamela Tucker

     Gina Ikemoto   & Matthew Kelemen


Gina Ikemoto & Matthew Kelemen

The work involved in the development of the SEP3 Toolkit was supported, informed and reviewed by a number of researchers, practicing leaders and state personnel, many of whom served as Expert Advisory Group Members, including:

Mónica Byrne-Jiménez, Hofstra University (New York)
Mary Canole, Council of Chief State School Officers
Stevie Chepko, Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation
Matthew Clifford, American Institutes for Research
Shelby Cosner, University of Illinois at Chicago
Brian Dassler, Florida Department of Education
Jacquelyn Davis, George W. Bush Institute
Benjamin Fenton, New Leaders
Susan Gates, RAND Corporation
Mark Gooden, University of Texas-Austin
Jackie Gran, New Leaders
Steven Gross, Temple University (Pennsylvania)
Sara Heyburn, Tennessee Department of Education
Susan Korach, Richie Program, University of Denver (Colorado)
Paul Manna, College of William and Mary
Tricia McManus, Hillsborough County Public Schools (Florida)
Glenn Pethel, Gwinnett County Public Schools (Georgia)
Diana Pounder, University of Central Arkansas
Frances Rabinowitz, Bridgeport Public Schools (Connecticut)
Carol Riley, National Association of Elementary School Principals
Cortney Rowland, National Governors Association
Christopher Ruszkowski, Delaware Department of Education
Erin Swanson, Martin Millennium Academy (North Carolina)
Brenda Turnbull, Policy Studies Associates
David Volrath, Maryland Department of Education

The SEP3 Toolkit was further supported by an active group of formal peer reviewers who provided extensive feedback to improve the clarity and usefulness of the materials. This group of reviewers included:
Jami Berry, Georgia State University
James Cibulka, Professor Emeritus, University of MD
Casey Cobb, University of Connecticut
Ed Fuller, Pennsylvania State University
Ellen Goldring, Vanderbilt University
MaryAnn Jobe, American Association of School Administrators
Lindsay Kruse, Broad Center
Kathy O’Neil, University of Northern Colorado
Karen Sanzo, Old Dominion University
Kent Seidel, University of Colorado (Denver)
Tracy Young, George W. Bush Institute
Peter Youngs, University of Virginia
Irma Zardoya, NYC Leadership Academy